The Mikado Tool

The Mikado Tool will support collaborative software development and restructuring. It is the digital version of using a pen and paper to create Mikado Graphs, in a team, or for your solo projects.

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About the Mikado Tool

The Mikado Method is a process for surfacing hard-to-see dependencies in a codebase. It is very useful when you are trying to change a codebase, eliminate technical debt and get things done while keeping focus on creating business value.

To help keeping track of the changes to be made, you create a Mikado Graph, the map to your restructuring journey.

We prefer using pen&paper for drawing the Mikado Graph, and maybe you do too, but there are times when a software tool comes in handy. When you are on a distributed team, for coding on trains, buses, planes, or at airports, or when you need or want to reference stuff like GitHub issues or the like. Enter The Mikado Tool.

The goal of the Mikado Tool is to bridge this gap by creating a tool that is as much like using a pen and paper as possible, while still reaping the benefits of being a software tool.