For teams, mobs, pairs, or single developers

Use it as a single developer to keep track of where you are. Use it in a pair, or when mobprogramming, to share a common view of what to do, and why. Use it in a team to share workload and track progress. Use it to show managers what the heck you are up to. It works in any process, "agile" or not.

Utilize your skills and good practices

Get more out of your design skills, classic refactorings, WELC-fu (, and test-driven development.


The Mikado Method is very low key. It requires no tool or upfront investment (well, except for the book @ of course). Use a pen and paper, or a whiteboard, and just go.

Lost in a jungle of dependencies? Just go with the flow!

The Mikado Graph will be your map to guide you in restructurings that take days or weeks.

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Can't morph your system? Divide and conquer wisely.

The Mikado Method helps you divide almost any problem into small, conquerable piece-meals.

Chased around by your code? Behead the creatures!

A legacy code system can contain zombie code, software hydras, and spaghetti monsters. Fight back with the Mikado Method.

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